Be Our Guest Inside the Venue

Our beautiful 2000 sq ft venue is wonderful for the reception dinner & dance celebration. Round tables, pretty white wooden chairs, cocktail tables, rectangular serving tables & head tables are provided. White chandeliers & mini lights overhang the open concept above the guests’ seating. Our buffet area provides 2 tables for any style of dinner serving. Caterers work from the Summer Kitchen, a semi-private work area for all their catering duties. A barbeque cooking area, electricity, refrigeration & hot/cold running water are all provided in this work area. The kitchen and bar facilities are compliant with the City-County Health Unit & AGCO. We offer a linen & napkin rental service, or choose your own. Our Bartender, Nigel, serves from within the venue for ease and convenience until closing. Your DJ Service sets up inside the venue and offers music for the outdoor cocktail hour and for the dinner and dance celebration. The grounds are beautifully lit for the evening’s celebration and in the warmth of the summer, fireflies will always invite you outside to see the stars ~

Northview Gardens